Stralend becomes “Blueprint Styling”

Dear followers,
I am pleased to inform you of an exciting new development. Stralend becomes "Blueprint Styling". Please take a look at my new site: www.blueprintstyling.com

It is my mission to help you with an authentic, effective and above all distinctive wardrobe. I strive to provide you with a style in which you feel comfortable and safe. “Blueprint Styling” will work 95% sustainably. New combinations will be made within the existing wardrobes and new items will be purchased sustainable. Business attires and work wear will also be produced in a sustainable manner.

Your previous support on my previous page has inspired me enormously, so I cordially invite you to join my new journey. Together we can work on enhancing your personal style and discovering a unique look that suits you completely.

I would really appreciate if you would like to follow @blueprintstyling where you can be a part of this amazing style community. I look forward welcoming you there and working together on your unique image.

Thank you for your continued support!