Excels in her advice on colours

Very professional in her communication with clients, and combining psychological skills altogether with an excellent taste for style and fashion. She excels in her advice on colors and you can rely fully on her personal advice. Antoine Buytendijk

Antoine Buytendijk

Awarding and stimulating.

She matches her professional working ethics with a very outgoing personality and that makes her really fun to work with. Her positive attitude towards people, especially the people she is working with, is very awarding and stimulating. That is a big bonus.

Frotina Zuidema Sr.

Boost your confidence.

Natascha is a wonderful woman. She is friendly, dedicated, and very knowledgeable about colors and style. She will help you find the colours and style that work for you and bring that to perfection. You don’t have to be ‘rich and famous’ for a good color and/or style advice. Natascha will help you find the

Sander Ouburg

Prepare for lot of compliments!

Natascha is a highly professional styling consultant. Natascha is a warm person who gives all she has got to make you radiate brightly. She has an all-around approach to all details of your personal style. I am working with great pleasure with her and with great success. When your styling is done by Natascha you

Ineke van der Ploeg

Really helped kickstarting my career..

Natascha is very professional and has the best network in Amsterdam. She knows all the shops and owners and will go all the way to find the perfect tie, pair of shoes or a scarf for you. She has helped both me and my partner with styling for our wedding day and we (objectively) looked

Tania Valiente

Welcome at Stralend

Would you like to sparkle at every occasion and every event? Well, you have come to the right address! Stralend! is the Dutch word for radiant, and radiant you will be… for the rest of your life! So come to see for yourself and enjoy your sessions with Natascha. Natascha van der Zwaan is a recognized and leading Image Consultant, Colour Stylist and founder of Stralend!. Through extensive personal consultations, she will share her knowledge and resources with you as your Image Consultant, Colour Stylist and personal shopper.

Natascha has dressed and styled hundreds of people, many of whom have become regular customers. Additionally, she has more than thirty years of experience in styling and presenting for both television and photography productions. She knows best what is needed for your performance, and she will bring you there!

For several years, Natascha has conducted workshops on the subject of styling, colour and international business styling. Her main goal is to motivate people to dress in a sharper and more powerful manor by making them aware of their personal styling options regarding their personal prospects and personal growth. Good use of colours and strong styling are essential elements of success. They will bring you exactly where you want to be. With strong but creative styling you will underline your unique assets. You will feel comfortable in all situations. This will open opportunities you never expected!

Natascha helps high powered businessmen and woman in learning how to portray themselves most effectively by gaining a clear understanding of their individual strengths as well as demonstrating a greater sense of style.

Great colour and sharp styling are essential elements in “making the man” (or woman), and Natascha’s job is not complete until you boost your self-confidence to succeed in the world. It will be a gift that lasts forever!

Advises to be booked from € 95,- p.p.

Workshops to be booked from € 69 p.p.