Действительно помогло начать мою карьеру…

Наташа очень профессиональна и имеет лучшую сеть в Амстердаме. Она знает все магазины и владельцев и будет идти до конца, чтобы найти идеальный галстук, пару туфель или шарф для вас. Она помогла и мне, и моему партнеру со стилизацией в день нашей свадьбы, и мы (объективно) выглядели потрясающе. Мы были очень довольны ее советами и настойчивостью. У меня также были сеансы по бизнес стайлингу, которые действительно помогли начать мою карьеру в Нидерландах.

Tania V

Boost your confidence.

Natascha is a wonderful woman. She is friendly, dedicated, and very knowledgeable about colors and style. She will help you find the colours and style that work for you and bring that to perfection. You don’t have to be ‘rich and famous’ for a good color and/or style advice. Natascha will help you find the best within your budget, and she has the network to achieve it.
A color consult is something that will be a benefit for a lifetime. Not only will you look good and radiant, but it will also boost your confidence. With each visit to Natascha, you will leave more radiant than before. Just treat yourself to a consult with Natascha, you will not regret it.

Sander Ouburg

Sander O

Awarding and stimulating.

She matches her professional working ethics with a very outgoing personality and that makes her really fun to work with. Her positive attitude towards people, especially the people she is working with, is very awarding and stimulating. That is a big bonus.

Frotina Z Sr.

Prepare for lot of compliments!

Natascha is a highly professional styling consultant. Natascha is a warm person who gives all she has got to make you radiate brightly. She has an all-around approach to all details of your personal style. I am working with great pleasure with her and with great success. When your styling is done by Natascha you need to learn to receive a lot of compliments! Just say “Thank you, it’s thanks to Stralend” 🙂

Ineke van der P

Excels in her advice on colours

Very professional in her communication with clients, and combining psychological skills altogether with an excellent taste for style and fashion. She excels in her advice on colors and you can rely fully on her personal advice.

Antoine Buytendijk

Antoine B


Can you find anything that makes you happy in the Valhalla of fashion?Do you always feel top notch in everything you wear and never have a bad purchase?Is your styling 100% "You"?Or do you have to do your thinking, too, every day?

You really only need 30 items for a great wardrobe.

Better for you and "less footprint".With Dutch sobriety, expertise, and humor Natascha makes you aware of your best choices and everything can be combined endlessly. So it certainly won't be boring! As a certified Image Professional with over thirty years of experience in film and television, she knows what goes into creating a good look. Especially if you're working online. No more stressed. Always happy in everything you wear. Your best colors and your best items. Look under color, what your own colors can do for youOr if you want to know more about your best styling. Or ask your question.

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